Gua Sha

gua sha

Gua means scrape and Sha means redness.  It is a technique that was created by the Chinese to treat pain, systemic conditions and used for beauty treatments. Gua Sha works by releasing and breaking down adhesions/scar tissue which are known to cause dysfunction, pain and limited range of motion. The Chinese have been using this technique for thousands of years. And, in recent years Graston which is like Gua Sha has been made popular by the chiropractic association.

Who is it for?

It is good for both acute (new) and chronic (long standing) injuries. Please note, that if you have a new injury wait 48 hours before receiving a treatment.

Why is it beneficial?

The service uses specific tools making it easier to feel adhesions and tissue dysfunction as opposed to using one’s hands.  In this case I am able to target and isolate the problem areas more efficiently.  

What can you expect?

The tools I use in my practice are stainless steel with rounded edges. These edges are used to scrap the areas where the adhesions are felt. Please expect to be extremely red in these areas where Gua Sha is being done. The redness will go in a few days.

How often should you come in for treatment?

You should be able to see results from the treatment within 1-8 sessions. This is dependent upon the severity of the injury/condition and frequency of treatment.  Also subsequent session can be administered depending on how fast the redness and soreness goes away.  Usually within a few days, you can receive your next session.  A frequency plan will be discussed at the time of service.  

Schedule a Gua Sha massage in Ashburn.  Contact me at 703-249-4829 and schedule an appointment.

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