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hot stone

Hot Stone Massage is a luxurious experience in which the massage therapist uses warm, smooth stones to do the massage.  The stones warm muscle tissue to reduce muscle tension and stiffness, increase mental relaxation, and elicit physical healing.

The heat of stones can be beneficial for certain populations and not for some people. If you suffer from chronic muscle conditions such as frozen shoulder or low-back pain, hot stone is looked about as a benefit as the heat helps tissues relax during massage work. Hot stone massage is tooted for it's ability to send a client into a deep state of relaxation but it can also be used for targeted trigger-point work and myofascial release.  

Those who should avoid hot stone massage include people with diabetes, neuropathy, rheumatoid arthritis, skin conditions covering large areas of the body, or local skin conditions such as sunburn, broken skin, localized swelling, or other soft-tissue injuries.

Benefits of hot stone massage are:

  1. Reduces anxiety, pain, and stress.
  2. Promotes mental and physical relaxation.
  3. Creates a feeling of groundedness and balance.
  4. Promotes local circulation in the area where it is applied. 
  5. Warms soft-tissue structures so they are ready for firm work more quickly.



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