Transitioning to a plant-based diet is not something you get up and do.

If you plan on a life of plant-based eating, you really have to be ready for one.  I wanted something better for my body after being diagnosed with a brain tumor.  That better something was food.

My journey went something like this.

  1. Immediately, no more meat.
  2. I ate fish, dairy, fruits, veggies, and supplements the first year.
  3. The second year, it was grass-fed dairy, organic fruits, veggies, and supplements.
  4. In the third year, I moved to only organic fruits, veggies, and supplements.
  5. Year to year I continued to narrow my food intake based on how I felt emotionally and physically.  In the fourth year, I was only eating organic fruits, veggies, and some plant-based supplements.
  6. Here we are in year five and I only consume organic whole foods (fresh fruits & veggies) and some plant-based supplements.

Switching to a plant-based diet just makes you smarter.  Each year, I continue to educate myself about nutrition.  I experiment with food and cooking.   It’s been an amazing experience.  There is a lot to learn and it’s fascinating.  You actually understand food.  Where it comes from, how the body utilizes it for energy, reserves and other bodily functions.  You’re more likely to listen to your body.

I no longer have a brain tumor.  And, I plan to keep it that way.

My advice on transitioning to a plant-based diet is DO IT.   Get started If you have been thinking about it.

Would I ever go back to eating meat?

The quick answer is no.

This lifestyle change was for me.  Learning to cook and balance my nutrients has been a pleasure.  I am happy eating food that is good for me.  My friends and family rather eat at my home than go out.  I managed to save since I rarely go out to eat.  My grocery bills no longer include having to buy meats, dairy, and processed foods.  I started a garden.  I’m more aware of my footprint on the environment.  My efforts are about wasting less and conserving more.  I’ve learned the importance of creating time for myself to enjoy my life versus rushing off to the next appointment.

It’s been a win-win.

Am I tired?

I have more energy now.  The best reason I can give for this is my body is utilizing the nutrients I’m taking in more efficiently.  My weight is the lowest it’s been in years.  I don’t have any problems doing hard workouts, completing a full day of work or not taking naps.  As a meat eater, I had a hard time doing these things.  I felt tired, heavy and sluggish.  I truly remember that and I don’t miss it.  It’s the contrary.

How do you get your protein?

Most things I consume has some protein.  I eat lots of everything.  My meals aren’t calorie heavy like one’s supplemented with meat.  Instead, my meals tend are nutrient dense.  Loaded with essential vitamins and minerals.  A combination of everything I consume adds up in protein.  I consume enough protein and other macronutrients to gain lean muscle mass.  

Why do so many people fail at a plant-based diet?

It’s important to learn about food and experiment with tons of different food.  People who fail at a plant-based lifestyle tend to limit their food choice and suffer from malnutrition.  That short-sightedness is a trap.  You must educate yourself to expand your food options.

Get motivated to tackle a plant-based diet.

Watch YouTube, read books, check out blogs.

Start small and work your way up to a full blown vegan lifestyle if you choose.

Change your life, change how you feel, change how you look.

In return, you’re saving lives, you’re showing the environment love and you’re going to live longer.

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