Can I bring and have you use my own oil?

OilOccasionally I’ll have a person come into my office requesting to use their own oil.  The request is followed by an explanation.  I listen to all explanations with an open mind.  More specifically, I’m listening to figure out how I can help them solve their main concern without using their oils. 

Here’s why I decline to use my clients’ oils. 

  1. I use high-quality professional massage lubricants that are hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, and water soluble. 
  2. I know the oils I use are safe for everyone who enters my office. 
  3. Many people are sensitive to smells and certain ingredients.  I’m hyper aware of this as to not offend anyone. 
  4. Some oils/fragrances are so strong that they just stay on the therapist’s hands, in the air, and on the table for a long time.  I like to avoid that in my office.
  5. I am sensitive to smells and different lubricants.  If I come across a lubricant I can’t tolerate, I will break out in hives.

Creating a safe environment for all

I have done a lot of research on the lubricants I use in my practice.  In my practice, I see clients one right after the other.  I go out of my way not to offend anyone with overpowering fragrances or oils that might contain ingredients that people are allergic to.  I even ask my clients if they have any allergies just to make sure I don’t happen to use a lubricant on them with ingredients that may harm them. 

In the past, I experimented with Aromatherapy and received feedback that also led me to this conclusion of not allowing clients to bring in their own oils.  

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