Massage & Bodywork in 

Ashburn, Virginia

Massage and bodywork in Ashburn, VA

Move Better. Feel Better.

Massage and bodywork are two special skills that use manual therapy to manipulate the body to achieve one’s desired goal.  So, whether you’re managing a chronic condition, looking to recover from a painful injury, improve performance, are feeling the harmful effects of stress in your body, or just wish to relax and receive a pleasant therapeutic massage, Hayes Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork will be the perfect therapy for you. 

Proudly serving Loudoun County.  Easily accessible to Ashburn, Leesburg, Sterling. 

Meet The Therapist

Hi, I’m Felicia Hayes and Hayes Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork is my private practice.  I am an experienced licensed massage therapist whose mission is to help people get out of pain.

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Here’s How I Can Help

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Ditch The Pain

I have made it easy and convenient for you to schedule an appointment.  Feel free to schedule: 

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