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Massage Gifts and Package Options

Massage is the best gift you can give anyone.  The reason is that people hardly take time to take care of themselves.  The most interesting thing about it, is people really want to.  The gift of massage is the best way to tell someone “Please, take the time to take care of yourself.  You deserve it!”.  

Hayes Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork makes gift giving easy.  Choose the service or package you think is most beneficial and email it to your recipient.  They can easily go online or call in to make an appointment at their convenience.  It’s just that easy and I can’t tell you how many people like the ability to do it all online and on their time. 

Massage Packages

Check out the massage package options.  Packages give you a great discount off a single service.  Packages are highly recommended and very popular.  I recommend getting a package if you receive massage regularly and/or are focused about resolving a muscular injury, improving performance, recently had surgery, or have chronic pain.  I also recommend receiving a massage first and then deciding if a massage package is right for you.  Either way, you won’t go wrong.  

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