About Us

Hayes Bodywork, LLC was formed in 2012.  Our sole purpose is to help those who suffer from pain, deal with it through massage and bodywork.  We pride ourselves on service and focusing on your goals.  

What To Expect

Hayes Bodywork Massage Room

From the moment you arrive, we will make it our goal to help you reach a better quality of life within your body.  We employ experienced licensed intuitive massage professionals who are skilled in their craft.  There is no such thing as a one massage fits all.  While we offer a wide variety of specialized massage techniques, our specialty is Therapeutic Massage.  Therapeutic Massage uses a combination of skills to help you achieve a desired goal.  Ultimately the type of massage you will receive will be based off whatever you choose and a conversation that you have with your therapist.  

Please refer to our massage services to see where you want to begin your amazing massage experience. If you require any additional assistance in deciding where to begin,  please feel free to contact us.   

Let’s start you on your path to physical freedom!

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