Giving a gift

As we get closer to the holidays, I feel compelled to write this post. Giving the gift of a massage is something I feel passionate about, and I believe it’s the best gift you could possibly give anyone. 

Massage Changes Lives

About four years ago, I received a phone call from a man who lived far from my office. He wanted to buy a gift card for his daughter, who lived near my office, and he asked about my credentials, services I offered, my availability and so forth. I felt like I was under interrogation. 

Once I answered all the questions, he explained that years ago, someone had gifted a massage to him. He had never had a massage at that point. The massage was life-changing for him. He never thought he needed it, but as soon as his massage therapist laid her hands on him, he felt his body relax. He had never experienced such a sensation in his life. Up until that point, he didn’t really know what it meant to be so relaxed. After that first session, he kept regular massage appointments, and at
the time of our conversation, he had been getting massaged by the same therapist for about 30 years.

The man wanted to find a therapist to send his daughter to so that she could experience the same relief someone generously introduced him to all those years ago. He said that she would never do this for herself, and he felt compelled to do it for her. 

How You Can Benefit from a Massage

Massage is the best gift

I believe massage is seriously the best gift you can give anyone because everyone can use a massage. It’s a gift that few people would never give themselves. 

Massage extends beyond just an oil rub. There are a dozen different modalities, such as:

All of these massages target different conditions and meet different needs. You can have your head massaged, shoulder tension eased or feet rubbed. You can be nude or fully clothed. You can be stretched. You can have energy work done, and you can use massage to compliment training/physical therapy sessions.

Everyone deserves to feel relief. Relief happens when the body is relaxed, and the mind is calm. Massage has the power to do that. With this gift, you are giving a friend or loved one permission to relax and enjoy life. 

Purchase a gift card online today.  

Hi. I’m Felicia. I’ve made a 20+ year career of massage and bodywork. And, I still love it. I also enjoy writing, playing music, photography, cooking, baking and painting. All of which I’m not very good at. I’m also a daily bike commuter.

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