Don’t get a massage while sick

Myth: Massage while sick is beneficial

People hate being sick and will do anything to feel better.  Often times getting a massage while sickmassage comes to mind because their body feels achy and the thought of a massage just sounds relaxing to them.  However, if you have a cold, flu, or other contagious viral or bacterial infection, your massage therapist may decline to work with you because to risk passing the infection to other clients or catching a cold themselves. 

“When you have a cold or flu, a massage might seem comforting,” says Patricia Coe, DC, ND, clinic supervisor for National University of Health Science’s massage therapy program. “However, when you have an infection, your body is already working hard to fight it and recover.  A massage can be very stimulating internally and place unwanted demands on your body during a time when you should be simply resting.”

Do this instead

The best thing to do in this case is to get lots of rest and fluids.  And, once you are over your cold or infection, then feel free to seek a massage.

In my office, you will not be charged for canceling your massage appointment if you are sick.  This is regardless of when you cancel.  I don’t want to jeopardize others health, your health, and my health. 

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