Shin Splints

Shin splints are an exercise related problem.  Runners who haven’t run in a while or new runners and those new to exercise are highly prone to getting them.  

Location of pain from shin splints


Having shin splints means that you have pain along the front edge of your shin bone (tibia).  That pain is caused by inflammation of the muscles, tendons and bone tissue around the surrounding area.

That tissue becomes inflamed because of repetitive movement, increase in intensity and volume of exercise.  Other reasons this might occur is because they have tight ankles and/or flat feet.


You’ll recognize the pain right away.  The pain is very specific to the region.  It can be a razor like pain, a throbbing pain, or sore to touch.  


If you experience this type of pain it’s best to rest, ice and stretch the area.  

Other remedies include:

Key Preventive Measures

Before you return to exercising, make sure you’re fully recovered so that they don’t return.

  1. Give yourself an addition week or two once the pain has subsided.
  2. When you do return to exercising, make sure you warm-up and cool down appropriately.
  3. Start working out slowly.
  4. Ramp up the intensity over time.
  5. Wear appropriate shoes.
  6. Do crosstraining 

See a doctor

If your shin splints persist or are unbearable, see a doctor.  There may be other underlying concerns like tendonitis or stress fractures.

Massage for shin splints

The goal is to alleviate the pain associated with shin splints.  Massage will focus on the areas affected and/or connected to shin splints, such as the feet, heels, calves, front of lower leg.  The work includes mild to deep compressions with passive and active stretching.  

The best massage to schedule would be a 60 minute sports massage


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