I lift weights so I can massage forever

I’m often asked how am I able to massage everyday or that my job must be tiring.  The truth is, I don’t even think about those things.  According to this article, the average career span for massage therapists is 2-3 years.  Most therapists get forced out of the industry because their bodies just can’t take the physical demands of seeing 20-25 clients a week.  So how am I able to see on average 23 clients a week and not worry about burnout?  The answer is simple, I lift weights.

  • Lifting weights saves careers

Lifting weights has provided me with the strength and endurance to give massages back to back, for 2 hours, and on any body type.  Yes, there are other factors that go into career longevity like:

      • body mechanics,
      • not using your fingers and thumbs as much,
      • being able to do a variety of massages,
      • not working long hours,
      • posture,
      • nutrition,
      • and, more
  • If you are not physically fit to take on the demands of doing massage then of course your body will breakdown.  And next, your mind will create doubt.  Then you will not have the motivation or willpower to continue in the field.  It’s imperative that massage therapists stay physically fit and conditioned for the work they’re doing.

This is how I managed to stay in this industry for the last 19 years and counting.  I lift a minimum 3 days a week.  I use my bodyweight, free-weights like dumbbells and olympic bars for the majority of my training.  Nowadays, I use apps like Stronglifts, Nike Training Club, and Aaptive to get training programs.  Anytime anyone asks me about my massage stamina, I simply say, “I lift weights”.

Weight lifting is the number one thing that has contributed to the success of my massage career.  Also, because I lift weights it has helped with all those other factors that go into career longevity.  Those were secondary factors that improved because I lift weights.  Had I not lifted, I wouldn’t be in this industry and KILLING it as a massage therapist.

Hi. I’m Felicia. I’ve made a 20+ year career of massage and bodywork. And, I still love it. I also enjoy writing, playing music, photography, cooking, baking and painting. All of which I’m not very good at. I’m also a daily bike commuter.

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