I love new years

New years make me happy

New Years

l’m one of those people who absolutely loves new years.  I love the idea of starting new.  Permission to reset anything you want.  I know it’s silly to think you have to wait to the new year to do something like that.  Many would claim that you can press that reset button at any time during the year.  While I agree with that too.

Let’s face it, if you want to start losing weight or get in better health it’s better to start that now and not later.  I believe we are wired to feel refreshed at the new year.  Maybe that’s because we can see our progress or lack of progress at the end of the year.  All I know is I get really excited and love making plans for the new year then checking those plans at the end of the year.  Over time, I can see how I’ve grown year to year.  It just makes it simple and easy for my brain to understand.  

2020 Agenda

I like to bundle things into six categories for the year. 

  1. Family:  I’ll make 3 visits to family members this year.  I don’t know who, how long or when.  I’ll just go. Will also start group texting with everyone just to check in and update them on my life. 
  2. Friends:  Last year, 2 of my long time friends visited and it was like we never didn’t talk for 10+ years.  I missed having good friends in my life.  I’ll make it a point to text/chat with them on a regular basis.  If at all possible pop out to see them for a weekend or something.  
  3. Finances:  Put 25% earnings towards investments.  Learn to live off less and with less.
  4. Hobbies:  Sell stuff I no longer need on eBay, Mercari, and Craigslist.  Work on my macro photography. 
  5. Relationship: Spend more time with my partner.  
  6. Work:  Grow my practice.  Become a Corrective Exercise Specialist/Functional Movement Specialist.

Don’t get bummed out

People say they don’t do new years resolutions because they don’t work.  Don’t look at them that way.  I look at them as setting the intention for the year to come.  Understand that things change and the idea is to be flexible.  This will only make you a better person who is able to overcome adverse situations.  You can be satisfied with the choices you made at the end of the year.At the end of the year you can be satisfied with the choices you made.  You can also have an idea of how to make even more practical goals in the new year.  Happy New Year everyone!

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Hi. I’m Felicia. I’ve made a 20+ year career of massage and bodywork. And, I still love it. I also enjoy writing, playing music, photography, cooking, baking and painting. All of which I’m not very good at. I’m also a daily bike commuter.

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